Sunday, January 23, 2011

it's been a long time

I haven't even thought about this blog in a long time, but today I accessed it in order to copy some recipes that I knew I had typed on here. So much has changed since I last posted. I now have 2 children--E is 28 months old and my daughter M is 4 months old!

I rarely cook any more since E doesn't eat anything but peanut butter and jelly and D is rarely home for dinner. I'm still dabbling at crafts, but now they're toddler crafts involving things like pom poms, feathers, and glitter glue. Today I helped E make valentines for his cousins and I used tissue paper and elmer's glue to decoupage a clear plastic plate that I saved from the recycling bin.

Of course, I have to add some pictures, but I don't really want to post pics of the kids, so here goes:

E drew this on D's iphone:

E refused to walk in the snow, so I made this "snow muppet" for him:

This is the kind of "cooking" I've been doing lately (yup, that's play-doh):