Thursday, May 28, 2009

8 1/2 months!

Baby E is now 8 1/2 months old, has 4 teeth, sits up, feeds himself cheerios, babbles with consonant sounds, holds board books and turns the pages, combat crawls, and charms the pants off of me every day!

Here's a picture from Mother's Day when we went to the "beach" at NARA Park in Acton.

And here's a picture I took of Baby E when I got out of the shower one day. I put him in his crib to play while I showered, and I guess he was so pooped he decided to take a nap. He takes after his mommy with the ability to sleep at the drop of a hat!

So, I used to think D was a bit of a (blanking on the word I really want to us) freak because he didn't want his picture anywhere on this blog, but the Baltimore Sun recently grabbed a picture off of my friend Wendy's blog and now it's all over the place (it's a picture of our friend holding Wendy's baby). So, any of my blog reading friends (if anyone still has this in their RSS feed/google reader), I now think it's wise that the only pictures of Baby E on here don't show his face.

Here's one last picture of baby E's little hand...

And what would my blog be without garden pictures.... here's how it's looking this year...

A rhododendron the deer didn't entirely eat.

This year's tomatoes...SunGold and Green Zebra

A caterpillar on my little ornamental tree...I hand picked 252 of them off the tree and didn't even make a dent.

The left side of the front of the house after I planted a new spirea and D spread mulch. The right side is still a disaster.


Stacey said...

Cute pics. Hope you are doing OK. Whilst I can respect your leaving E's face off your blog, I will be posting more cute photos of Sarita's mug later today!

The Todd Family said...

I'm actually fine with the fact that the picture of Charlie & Kristen is showing up all over right now... I will, however, from now on only use first names (or nick names) in my blog -- if I didn't have Kristen's full name in that post, the connection never would've been made!

Christina said...

I respect the fact that you decide not to show his face here. I think until i'm given a reason to make the family blog private, i'm okay with B's face showing. I have SO much family all over the place that would kill me if I stopped. :) Seriously. They grow so fast. I remember when Brice army crawled and now he flat out runs around the house...yard...quilt shops... He's a handful. You are SO lucky to be able to put E down in his crib while you shower. B has to come in the bathroom with me and have toys on the floor or he throws a tantrum. Why did my first child have to be so darn stubborn!