Sunday, January 20, 2008

First Felting Project

Once upon a time I owned a striped Gap sweater. My mom gave it to me for Christmas in 2002. It was a good sweater, a fun sweater. It's the sweater I wore to the animal shelter on the day I adopted Mercury. Over time that sweater got a little stretched out and a little pilly, and generally wasn't looking so good. But then, through the magic of the internets, I found out about felting sweaters and this particular sweater was destined for a new life. A new life as a cover for the navigation system that D's parents gave us for Christmas.

My first idea was to make an envelope for the nav system. So I cut the sweater into a rectangle. My plan was to sew up the sides with orange yarn using a blanket stitch. After I stitched up one side, I decided it didn't look so great, so I came up with another plan.

This is a sleeve. Ans what better thing to make a sleeve for the nav system out of than a sweater sleeve! I stitched up the end and voila--a nav system sleeve.

Then I put a button on so that the cuff could fold over and button to fasten the cover. However, you'll notice that it's not exactly square. So I had to turn it inside out and fix it.

So here's what it looks like after I made it more square on the bottom. It's not exactly perfect, but I think it's pretty cute.

For some beautiful items made out of felted sweaters, check out and her blog,, where she even has some felted project tutorials.


Anonymous said...

Okay - see now this is getting crazy, because I was planning to post about my sweater felting project later this week!

Laura said...

Ms Cleaver, that's so cosmic. We really are connected somehow...

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Way cute! And so fun to have an interesting wool sweater to felt. Most of the ones I find are gray. Just gray. No stripes, no dots, no thing. Just gray.

Laura said...

Whta's funny Joanne is that I have seen this same sweater felted on at least 2 other blogs! It's very distinctive. I'll bet you could dye those grey sweaters all kinds of colors--worth a try!