Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Decorating: Vintage Ugly

When D and I moved into our house in June, my mom and dad unloaded all sorts of stuff of mine from their house. In addition, my mom also gave me some other things that might be "helpful" including a collection of vintage decorating/sewing booklets. I can only assume that she got them when she moved into her first house in 1973, though they could be from the days of her first apartment. In any case, the booklets are definitely going to come in handy when I decorate my own house. Check them out:

Here's a peak inside-- I love the overlapped ruffled curtains (since they're light yellow, this picture doesn't do it justice--I may have to scan the page). Much of the book is devoted to how to make ruffles!

In fact, all 3 of these booklets have some fabulous curtains in them, all of which I'm considering for my house (if only I can find the right polyester fabric). I like this picture where they've entirely covered the windows in drapery, I mean really, why would you want to see the outdoors?

In these next pages, they've also entirely covered the windows. Did I miss the memo that said sunlight coming through windows is unhealthy? Maybe if I read the booklet about caring for my upholstered furniture, I would find that my furniture purchased in 1973 would look brand new in 2007 if only I had kept the windows completely covered. All I can say is, I hope that by 2027 I'll have the means to replace my (then faded) recently purchased upholstered furniture because I plan to let the light in!!!

Oh, and in case you can't read the fine print, that room with the hideous yellow curtains is a lilac and yellow BATHROOM! It says, "A complementary scheme can whisper its message as in this violet and yellow bathroom." I guess that's actually the shower curtain, as the booklet goes on to say, "A vinyl shower curtain was also dyed to match the nylon rug and terry-topped hassock." Wow! Don't even get me started on the red and green room!

In this next set of pictures, I actually kind of like the room on the right--what can I say, I dig the pink and green color scheme.

And I actually kind of like these 2 pictures too. The kitchen is shaped somewhat like mine. The red and yellow dining room looks almost as if it could be a sketch made recently with the globe over the table (and finally they're letting some light in!)

I'm feeling very inspired to decorate right now! Who needs Apartment Therapy or Design*Sponge when you have these booklets!


Liz (made in lowell) said...

OMG, I have A HUGE collection of 1960's and 1970's decorating magazines and books, it's kind of a sickness. I am 38 so I don't know if it's some sort of retro-nostalgia thing or what, but the uglier, more gaudy or ridiculous the interior decorating, the happier I am!

Kristy said...

I have recently fallen in love with the whole mid century modern style of decorating. Having lived through that era I suppose I am trying to recall the feelings of my childhood when life was so much simpler. (I am 51) I remember seeing these items- some in our home some on TV and now I want them for mine. The problem is this has become a huge decorating trend so if you manage to find any of this stuff on Ebay or in flea markets it is bringing a hefty price.
I do remember my mother's 1970's dining room-orange and yellow plaid wallpaper- how cool was that?
I am drawn though more to the 50'/60's atomic era decor. Starburst clocks-tension pole lamps and atomic looking art.
Hubby thinks I've lost my mind -he doesn't say anything I can just see it on his face. Bless him though he allows me to go on without saying a word.

Kristy said...

Oh and BTW I was/am one of those domestic divas-I never had any ambition to become anything other than a wife/mother and now grandmother. I didn't feel I was missing out on anything by not having to go to work everyday. I prefer to stay at home and make our house a nice place to be.
I guess I could never understand why a woman would want to give up the freedom to do as she pleases all day long rather than have a boss to answer to. I can jump in the car when I want and go where I want. Love it!
To each his own though!!!