Friday, February 29, 2008

Neglected Blog

I have seriously neglected my little blog for the past 2 weeks. Part of it is because of the ongoing winter that's giving me the "blahs", though I actually have done quite a bit of knitting. I finished a cute faux fair isle baby hat for my nephew-to-be and have almost finished one toe-up sock for myself. I just haven't taken pictures of any of this so I haven't posted.

I also need to take some pictures of the bedroom project. D has removed all of the carpet and some of the baseboards. He's called to see if we needed a permit to build the closet and it turns out that we don't, as long as it's "just a closet" (which they emphasized a few times).

We purchased a chandelier for the dining room which hopefully will come in soon. It's a unique hand-forged wrought iron chandelier that is oval in shape. We purchased it at Westford Home Lighting and the saleswoman recommended this particular chandelier based on how I described the style of the room and that I wanted a cool-toned metal. Once she said that this particular chandelier was made in Vermont I was sold! It's from a company called Hubbardton Forge.

Now I've got to get some art and window treatments for the dining room and I'll have one room in the house officially done! I'm thinking of doing a couple of John James Audubon prints of birds that are native to our area such as the ones below. I think the color of the robins will go particularly well with the colors in the room (and what I wouldn't give to see a robin at my bird feeder these days--hopefully soon).


Alisha said...

Sounds like you've at least been busy getting things gone. I have no excuse for not posting on my blog except sick kids and WoW. :)

Anna said...

We have a few lighting fixtures from Hubbardston Forge, love them! The Audobon prints will be lovely, too.

We've got robins here! Perhaps up your way soon.