Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

Sunday was my 32nd birthday and I realized that I am actually where I thought/hoped I would be at 32! I have a house, I have a husband, and I am happy. This is no small feat.

On Monday D and I walked down to the mailbox together. We live in a terrific neighborhood, but it's a little Stepford Wife like. Instead of having a mailbox at our house, we have 3 main banks of mailboxes for the whole developement which is supposed to foster "community". Our mailbox is on the main road in our development just past the turn for our street. I digress. In our mailbox on Monday was a letter with an address label for the original owner of the house or current resident and the handwritten return address was someone in Mississippi. I was entrigued...why would someone in Mississippi be sending something to current resident. Well...I was quite surprised when I opened it. It was a chain letter---the old fashioned kind where you photocopy 3 pages of letter and then add your name to the list and you're supposed to send it to 50 people and you'll get $20,000 or something like that. Weird. I thought chain letters had been completely replaced by the Internet. I feel kind of sad for the person who sent it. I mean, she sent it to someone who hasn't lived in our house for 10 years. She must seriously think she's going to get a windfall from this chain letter. I'm half tempted to send her something, but what? Maybe I could send her the cuckoo clock that D and I mysteriously received as a wedding gift--no indication of who sent it--and she could sit there scratching her head just as we have been.

Today I just found a cute list called 100 Ideas. It's really clever and cute and has some ideas for adding a little fun and spice to your life. Check it out.


The Todd Family said...

Isn't it a federal offense to open mail addressed to someone else?

Laura said...

The envelope was addressed to "Kyle Krauss or current resident" --like the person knew he no longer lived there. That's what was so weird about it.