Thursday, August 30, 2007

Our House is Naked!

Here is what our house looked like on the day of our inspection in March. Look at all that nice snow!

On the day we closed, in early May, our house looked like this. Wow, the lawn was really green!

Then, in late June, I planted some annuals by the front door. All pinks and purples to match the door.

Yesterday we had the 2 big boxwoods removed. They were completely taking over the front steps! We also had some stumps removed from some bruning bushes that D had taken down, and had the stumps and roots of the scraggly low bushes taken out (D and I had hacked those down). Now our house looks like this (note, the lawn is still nice and green!):

Don't despair about all those nice annuals being gone. D transplanted them all yesterday morning at 6:30. Most of them are in pots on the deck, and some are in the wheelbarrow.

Pardon the format of this post. I'm still getting the hang of this!!

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