Thursday, September 27, 2007


Last week D and I finally received our very first furniture purchase. Back in July we ordered a dining room table, chairs, buffet, and hutch. We had looked at Pompanoosuc Mills and Circle Furniture, but decided that we couldn't quite afford either of these options, though we love them. So, we went to Jordan's Furniture....Massachusetts' version of the furniture bog box store, complete with annoying commericals and lots of gimicks (they have a trapeze school and an Imax theatre in the one we went to). To say Jordan's has a huge selection of furniture is an understatement. Now, they have cheap ugly furniture, expensive ugly furniture, and moderate to expensive nice furniture. We, of course, went for the latter (at least in our opinion).

We had a few criteria for our dining room: 1) the furniture must be 100% solid wood, 2) the furniture preferably should be made in the US (most preferably New England), 3) the furniture must be casual and durable enough to use everyday, 4) we must have enough room to store all of the china and crystal we received for our wedding.

At Jordan's there was one brand that met most of the criteria---Canadel. They have customizable solid wood furniture that is made in Canada (the next best thing to the US). We chose solid birch furniture in a "Havana Wash" stained finish. The styling is very simple and very sturdy. It looks beautiful, and we know it will last.

The only thing I'm not crazy about is the mirrored back on the hutch, but once all of the china, crystal, etc. are in there I may end up liking it more. Tonight we start unpacking all of those wedding gift boxes!!!

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