Saturday, September 8, 2007

Visiting Harvard

This morning, D and I went to Harvard, MA to pick up our lawnmower which had been repaired at Harvard Outdoor Power (HOP). We purchased the Toro mower at Home Depot, but of course when you buy at a big box store there's no one to do repairs. The guys at HOP were terrific and didn't charge for replacing the blown fuse or the missing grommet on the pull cord. He also gave us tips on storing our mower for the winter (disconnect the battery and store it inside, run all of the gas out of the mower before storing, start adding Stabil to our gas now while it's in the gas can, lift the mower so the oil cap side is facing down when we clean it before storing it). We're definitely buying a snowblower from them when the time comes. The guy showed us the blowers they have in stock still from last year and also a used Ariens blower that they're selling. If the used one was a little smaller, I think we would have gone with it, but it was too big for our needs. We'll probably go for a Toro. Of course, it's hard to think about when it's 90+ degrees and about 95% humidity!

Because blog entries without pictures are boring, here's a picture of our mower when it was brand new (I cut D's head out of the picture so he can remain anonymous).

While in Harvard we also went to the Harvard Farmer's Market. It's so nice to have a Farmer's Market on a Saturday so we can actually go. We have one here in our town but its on Tuesday afternoons. At the market we purchased some sweet corn, green beans, a red pepper, assorted lettuce, cherry tomatoes, a red onion, and 1.5lbs of beef for kabobs. The meat is from a family farm in Brimfield, MA called River Rock Farm.

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