Monday, September 17, 2007

A Green Weekend!

D and I had a green weekend...not in the environmental sense, but the actual color! First, I painted the front door of our house with "Woodland Pearl" paint--so, no more pink door! It's now a beautiful color of green (somewhat like the color of the background of my blog). There was a little snafu in the progress of my painting though--I disassembled the door handle in order to polish it up....and I lost a few pieces. I was able to jury rig it somewhat with a piece of Q-tip until the nice customer service guy at Kwikset sent a replacement thumbpiece pin (among some other pieces I lost).

The other green part of the weekend was planting D's Perennial Starter Garden. He prepared the bed with composted manure and peat moss and then I helped him plant 51 little plants that will someday turn into a beautiful flower garden. Here are the pictures that go along with this post.

This is what arrived from Bluestone Perennials:

Here are a few of the plants:

And here's the planted garden:

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