Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day Flowers

Our local NPR affiliate has a special fundraiser for Mother's Day where they'll send a flower arrangement from a prestigious local florist to anyone you choose in exchange for a healthy donation. Much as I would love to support the radio station (especially since I won a trip to Cuba from them in 2004), neither I nor D ordered flowers from them.

Instead, on Saturday morning, I went to my favorite local grocery store and picked up 10 peach colored petite roses for a grand total of $4 and turned them into the lovely arrangement above using flowers and greenery from our yard. I filed a teapot (Johnson Bros. Olde Britain Castles pattern) with oasis and added white french lilacs, white dogwood blooms, pink dogwood blooms, and lots of lilac leaves, along with the roses. The lilac leaves were a little droopy, but I decided they would do.

I decided this was a pretty nice Mother's Day arrangement for $4! I added a few more flowers to it on Sunday afternoon when D's grandma brought a few stems of Spanish Bluebells. Their light purple color was the perfect compliment to the peach, white, and green (too bad I don't have a picture with them included).


Anonymous said...

that's a stunning arrangement.

West Bremerton flowers

Wide Lawns said...

Beautiful! I love the dogwoods!

Gabi said...

That is so beautiful! I wish
I had Dogwood in my yard. You have a very good eyed for floral combinations!
Hope you had a Happy Mothers Day!