Monday, May 12, 2008

Maternity Clothing Reviews

I thought I would share some of my experiences of maternity clothing shopping. I have found the experience fairly frustrating overall, but not really any more frustrating than regular clothes shopping. I'll start with some of the stores I visited and my first hand experience with their clothes (if I bought them).

My first maternity shopping experience was at Target because it's so close to my work. Target really does have some cute things and they carry sizes for a large variety of women (XS to 2X at least). I tried on a ton of things at Target, but haven't purchased anything there. Part of the reason is that the styles didn't fit right or look good on me (I'm busty but otherwise not large so everything that fit my bust looked like a tent, even with my expanding belly). Some of the styles are things I just never would wear because they're too young or trendy. And finally, the quality is as cheap as the prices--even though I'm not going to be wearing these clothes for a very long duration, I prefer fewer nice clothes to more cheaper clothes.

The next place I shopped was the Mimi Maternity section of my local Macy's. One great thing I will say about Mimi at Macy's is that they have a 30 day return policy on maternity rather than the 10 day of other Mimi stores. I mean really, what pregnant woman can get back to the store within 10 days if she needs to return something? My biggest bone to pick with Mimi is that they have very few items in size XL. I was able to find some XL polo shirts, but that's about it. The polo shirts are very cute and were on sale for $19.99 each. Unfortunately they shrunk quite a bit--about 2" in length and some in the width. Also on the size thing, the largest bra size Mimi carries is 40E--and that's what I'm wearing now. I won't be buying any nursing bras from them!!!

In addition to the polo shirts, I found a black terry capri pants and hoodie set that I love wearing on weekends. I don't think it will fit in my 8th and 9th months, but it will definitely fit again right after the baby is born, and it doesn't look maternity. I also bought a denim skirt and black knit skirt both with the "secret fit belly" which I love. It's a fully lycra/nylon panel that extends up over the belly or can be folded down. And, I bought this shirt which I am wearing today. It's very flattering on me and I think it's the only maternity shirt I have that allows you to see a distinct difference between my boobs and my belly.

Next stop was Destination Maternity which has Mimi, Motherhood, and a Pea in the Pod. They have very cute stuff here, especially in the Pea in the Pod section, but the prices are steep. If I had as many weddings to attend this summer as I did last summer I would probably get a dress at Pea in the Pod, but since i don't, I avoid the temptation of that section of the store. In the Mimi section I found some whisper weight long sleeve t-shirts on sale in XL, and a black cardigan sweater that's a L, but fits now and will for another couple of months. I love the super soft cardigan, but I hate the fact that it pills. Oh was on sale and it's sooo soft that I'll live with using the sweater shaver on it.

I also visited the Motherhood section of the store which is much less expensive, but doesn't have the same quality of fabrics, and I found many of the styles were too young looking for my taste. However, I found a fabulous pair of boot cut stretch jeans with my favorite secret fit belly...and they were only $19.99!! I love these jeans and where them a few times a week. My only complaint is that the inside seam on one of the legs is crooked and so at the cuff it's more to the front of the leg than the inside. For the price I really can't complain too much and I doubt anyone other than me really notices it. I guess I do have one other complaint about these jeans--I have to pull them up every time I stand from a chair or the car--especially if I've worn them more than once after washing (which I always do). The hips and butt are a little big on me, but the medium was a little too snug. If they only has numbered sizes I would have been all set.

Which brings me to my best maternity shopping stop yet--Ann Taylor LOFT Maternity! Maternity is a new line for AT LOFT and is only sold though a select number of their stores (including one about 40 minutes from me), but also sold online. One big plus is that they have numbered sizes, not just XXS-XXL. They advise buying your pre-pregnancy size, and that actually worked for me (I'm always skeptical when they say that). I bought a size 12 dress, size 10 pants, size 10 skirt, L top, and L sweater (actually, my mom bought them for me). The clothes suit my style (I typically wear quite a bit of LOFT and Ann Taylor clothing), and they aren't too young looking. I was extra pleased because I mentioned to the saleswoman that there was a skirt I had seen online that I loved, and she went to the back and pulled one out for me from the shipment she had received that day!

Oh, and here's a fun subject--maternity underwear! My mom bought me this underwear from Motherhood and I have a few issues with them, mostly for sleeping. They either fall down, bunch up, or give me a wedgie. Another strange thing about them is that the double layer on the crotch isn't stitched down on the front and back, only on the sides. In general, I'm not a bikini underwear person anyway. I tend to go with more of the granny panty look because I hate things that cut into my stomach or feel like they're going to fall down. I'm a Victoria's Secret cotton hi-cut brief kinda girl, and I can still wear them, but probably not for long. I did find some maternity underwear I really really love. They are bigger than the biggest granny panties, but they are so comfortable, they stay up, and there's no waist band cutting across my belly (yet). The winning underwear in my book: Bravado Maternity Briefs! They only have elastic in the back of the waistband so there will be no elastic digging into my belly! I only bought 2 pairs, but I'm going to have to get some more. They're not cheap , but I believe that if my underwear isn't comfy, then the rest of me isn't comfy!

That's it for my maternity shopping experiences (for now). Will blog again when I buy or try on any more stuff (like a maternity bathing suit). And I'm sure I'll have lots to say when it comes time for the nursing bras!

An update: Before our trip to Maine I bought this maternity bathing suit at Target. I have one that my sister gave me, but I wanted something fun (hers is perfect for being at the beach or pool with kids--it has more coverage). The bathing suit I bought was a halter, but I altered it so that the straps crossed in the back and were sewn down--took the weight from my breasts off of my neck and made it much more comfortable!

Also, I forgot to mention that the knit yoga pants from Old Navy are fabulous! My friend Wendy gave me her 2 pairs and I wear them all the time--they are absolutely the most comfortable thing I have right now.


ChefSara said...

Unfortunately, I can't bring myself to spend much money on maternity clothes...I'm only going to wear them for a few months! Most of mine so far have come from Target or Old Navy (Like LOFT only in select stores and online). I've also had some success with JC Penny online (though the shipping was a little steep, I though). But the bulk of my maternity clothes came from Craig's List. If you're not opposed to second hand, check it out. I got what was probably a good $300-$400 worth of clothes for about $90, including many name brands, some with tags still on. See if there's anyone in your area trying to offload their maternity wardrobe. You might get a great deal!

hikebikekayak said...

It's so good to let others know about your experience! I mostly shopped Motherhood, but I REALLY had to look for some of their more quality stuff. But I was most happy when I splurged and spent $125 on maternity jeans. I know, I know...steep. But trust me, it was worth it. It may only be a few months, but it does seem like forever when you're having to wear maternity clothes. Bella Bellies (local spendy maternity shop) was my favorite. Unfortunatly, none of the AT Loft's carry maternity here. Not sure why. But that would have been my first choice - I like simple, conservative, but cute clothes and they always fit the bill. Just remember to spend the money on clothes, you will feel so much better from day to day. And there is a 4th you will wear them for awhile after baby.

Erika P said...

I have one Bravado nursing bra which I love. Like the undies, it was spendy but worth it. I don't know what their largest size is, but just something to keep in mind.

I also had good luck with Old Navy maternity, even though their regular clothes are not really my style. They seem to be good at fitting a wide variety of body types.

MamaTodd said...

I never went for the maternity undies, just wore ones I already had that sat below the belly... but I also hated any pants that came up over my belly... even at the end!

My favorite "store" was my SIL, but you know that since you now have most of that waredrobe on loan!

Unfortunately for me there was no ATLoft maternity 2 years ago... but they will be getting my business for round two -- that is unless I borrow some of your clothes!

Laura said...

Forgot to mention my absolute essential for the first trimester--the Bella Band. This tube of lycra made it so I could wear my regular pants all the way through my first trimester, and will be very helpful for the "4th trimester" as well.

Alfred said...

Target, Macys.... these are my well known stores for online shopping also.

Alfred said...

Target, Macys.... these are my well known stores for online shopping also.