Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pregnancy update

I had my 26 week OB visit today (I'm a little off schedule because they changed my due date). Everything is good. The baby's heartbeat is 140 (he/she was sleeping) and I have gained 12lbs overall.

I've been feeling really great, although tired. On Friday I had a 1/2 day of work. I came home, made some lunch, vegged out, watched Oprah, read my book, and then fell asleep from 5:30 until 9:00. I got up for 2 hours and watched TV and then went back to bed!

Saturday I took D on his first trip to Babies R Us and we started our registry. D is concerned about where we're going to put all of the gear! People manage in much smaller spaces then we have so I have no doubt we'll find places for everything. I think baby registering is harder than wedding registering. For the wedding we knew what we wanted (for the most part) and we knew how and where we would use each item. So far I think we have used everything we received for our wedding except the big Le Cruset dutch oven (but someday I'll braise osso bucco for a crowd of 10 or more). I'm sure we'll use all of the baby stuff too, but it's just so hard to choose on some things.

The hardest choice for me has been the stroller. We live in a neighborhood, most of which has sidewalks. The thing is, we get a lot of snow and the plowing often leaves snow and ice behind. Plus, we have a sandy trail to a pond from the end of the street. So, although I never ever jog, I need the bigger wheels of an all terrain stroller. The problem is, they're expensive. And, I want one that fully reclines so I can put a newborn in it (most are for babies 3 months and up). This leaves a few options. One is the Kolcraft Contours which my sister got--I'm waiting for her review on it because it's very nicely priced. Another is the Phil and Ted's Sport Buggy. What I like about the Phil and Ted's is that it has a separate piece you can buy when you have a 2nd child to make it a double stroller. If I have kids 2 years apart this will be a big plus since we won't need to buy a double stroller. The problem with the Phil and Ted's is it's expensive!!

So that's the all terrain stroller thing. I have also registered for an infant car seat stroller base, and an umbrella stroller. It seems excessive to have 3 strollers, but I would like to keep the all terrain in the garage and the car seat base/umbrella stroller in the car. I don't want to have to use the big all terrain stroller if I go to the mall.

The rest of the registering has been easier for the most part. My sister and my friend Wendy have given me great recommendations. For example, the high chair I registered for is really pricey, but my sister is now using hers on her 3rd child so I know it will last.


ChefSara said...

my neighbor and i both just got the Mutsy sport stroller (www.mutsy.com). the larger wheels make for a smooth ride, and would probably work well for an all terrain...comes with a bassinet piece for an infant, than a seat (which can be installed both front facing and rear facing) for when the baby's ready for that. of course, i can't give a review *with* baby until August (7 weeks and counting), but have been very happy with the stroller so far. We also splurged on our umbrella stroller and went with a McClaren (but their cheapest one), but seems so worth it. Much more sturdy than the average umbrella stroller...

Oh, and the marketing effort surrounding the Babies 'r' Us registry is insane. Don't cave...you really *don't* need everything they say you do...

Laura said...

I scored some great baby stuff from a woman in my town last night. I responded to a listing for sunscreen (she had tons of new sunscreen that her child is allergic to) and ended up getting the sunscreen, a snap and go stroller base, a swing, a bundle me for the car seat, and the Peg Perego high chair I wanted (it's pink, so there's only a 50% chance it'll be gender appropriate but for $15 I couldn't pass it up). I may also be buying her crib and changing table--she's moving this Saturday and her daughter is getting a big girl bed.

Christina said...

It is so overwhelming! Overall, we did without a lot of the stuff. We're getting as we go (i.e high chair later). I LOVE my Chicco stroller/baby car seat system. The stroller is so easy to push around - granted not for running though. But the baby carrying part is easy on the arm and easy to engage and disengagne (I have weak hand strength, so this was an important feature). A few of my friends have the Britax strollers, I really like those, too. 140 bpm, wonder if baby will be a boy... :) Make sure you have the Boppy pillow (not the nursing one) on your list - I use it most frequently of everything I have. I toss it on the couch next to me and he naps away on it. A swing is a must, too. We use that frequently as well. As for showering with the newborn - jump in as soon as he/she is asleep! I sometimes miss my opportunity in the mornings now. :)

Anonymous said...

wow, your life really changes in so many ways, and yourmind begins to imagine so many different avenues when you are pregnant. I was reading your comment about how the wheels of the stroller are immportant due to the terrain of your neighborhood. Sheesh, there is a lot to consider! I was married 2 years ago, and found it difficult to add to our registry, only becuase we didn't really need much, but a baby registry is different!

Anna said...

If you haven't found this yet, BUY the newest edition of Baby Bargains and read the whole thing. Then go online to the parents forum at baby bargains and search on the strollers you like for info--there is literally a whole stroller culture of EXPERTS.

For what it is worth, I LOVE our three-wheel air-filled 12" tire Zooper zydeco, and I put both babies in it from birth on. They don't need to be totally flat for newborns, just close. I also put their car seat in it, it rested in it perfectly, and bonus no need for a snap and go.

The same thing for my Peg Perego Pliko P3, which I keep in the car (and smart woman for realizing that you need at least two strollers if you have a garage for the big one!) I could put the car seat right into the peg facing backwards, and close both "hoods" up like clam shell, and baby would sleep (sometimes) while I shopped.

I need to write a stroller post! Here's a tip--find the one you like, and order it from Marilyn at http://www.arunningstroller.com/

She is amazing, helpful, has great deals and free shipping. I went to order the slightly cheaper zooper from her, she didn't have it in stock, and gave me the high end zooper zydeco for the same price. Another thing to do is look for last year's models brand new on ebay. People really get into the model year stuff with strollers.

Oh, and we also have a double Valco Baby stroller. Think hard about one that converts to a two--Valco makes a great one and of course the Phil and Ted--doubles are EXPENSIVE!!

A Little Bunny said...

I'm sure you will get TONS of advice as you go along with buying baby things..but I will toss my 2 cents in too :) Our sidewalks up here are horrible in the winter too. I found that the first winter with Eliot we ended up using baby carriers with him tucked under our coats. The Ultimate Baby Wrap was the best one.. we still use it to put the babe down for naps. we didn't have to overdress him just stuck a hat on him and zipped up.

Once I did transition over to using a stroller, this winter we used lowish range $150 jogging stroller *that my father in law got for free at a transfer station!* with tires that can be pumped up with a bit of tread to them. That sucker went up more snow banks than I would have thought possible. Craig's list is a great resource for baby stuff too.

Other than strollers and slings-The baby bouncy seat was the most invaluable piece of baby equipment I had :).