Friday, June 27, 2008

The tomatoes just keep growing!

Tomato plants today, 6/27/08

And 2 days ago (June 25th):

And here they are on June 1st:

Here they are when first planted on May 17th:

The tomatoes are the Burpee Super Sweet 100s variety of cherry tomatoes. I bought them in 4" pots at Parlee's Pine Hill Nursery. They are grown in a self-watering container with the "Tomato Success Kit" from Gardeners' Supply. I highly recommend all of these products/companies based on my experience...just waiting to see how those cherry tomatoes taste!


Megan said...

These look so great! You are quite the gardener!
I've tagged you over at my blog, but don't feel obligated; it's for fun. :)

Gabi said...

Wow all of your fingers must be greeen not just your thumbs :)