Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pregnancy Update

D felt the baby move for the first time the other night. Before then I would tell him to put his hand on my belly when the baby was moving and the baby would stop moving.

When I lie on the couch I like to put the TV remote on my belly and watch it "dance" as the baby moves!

My sweet tooth is back and it craves soft serve ice cream--what we called a "creamee" when I lived in Vermont.


ChefSara said... first trimester vanilla soft serve was sometimes the only thing I could stomach. Of course, that has since expanded to pretty much everything, including any kind of ice cream!

Christina said...

That is so exciting! Belive it or not, you will be telling the little one to stop moving just for a little bit so you can have a break! :) I know, crazy...who would ever want it to stop! I think I have a soccer player on my hands for sure. Congrats to D!

Wide Lawns said...

Oh I live for vanilla soft serve. If I get pregnant I shudder to think about the amounts of this I will eat.