Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Small World of Bloggers

I read the blog Hank & Willie on a regular basis. It's written by a woman I know from a program I did in college. Today she posted a link to this post where a fellow blogger has an unusual request (check it out, it's pretty unique). So, having many experiences to share with her regarding the request, I sent her an email. She emailed my back telling my my experiences were most valuable to her cause, and asked if I had taken a yoga class with her nearly 7 years ago. Well, I did! Turns out she and I sat next to each other for a month at a job I held for 4 months in 2001/2002 and we took a yoga class together through the local adult ed!! I love coincidences like this!

What's you're strangest coincidence? I think this might be my strangest to date, though I have had fun experiences running into people from summer camp (one in NYC outside the theatre where I saw Blue Man Group, a few at a Grateful Dead show in Vermont, one was my roommate when I worked at a resort, one did a very small college program with me, and one has worked at 2 different jobs with my friend Wendy). Do any of you know me from a past life??


Elizabeth said...

Being that person you're talking about, I'm thrilled about this coincidence! What are the odds?

It's great that we reconnected & thank you for passing along my request to your readers.

I'll be better in no time at all!

Anna said...

Well, I do know you from a past life. :)

But here's another similar story. (Love that one of you and E!)

A blogger wrote to me recently, she is woman that I went to college with freshman year, then haven't seen since. She saw my site on the blogroll of another blogger, started reading me, then figured out she KNEW me! Love the small bloggy world.