Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Funny Cat

D is working from home today (in our very cold basement) and just sent me this email message:

"My typing started to fail - a sure sign my hands were cold - so I went upstairs for a few minutes to warm them up. With 'cold' on the mind I thought I'd look for the cat outside but didn't see her at the door. Then I remembered she was inside so I figured I'd take a look for her. Couldn't find her. She wasn't laying in the sun. Wasn't in the window in the bedroom. Where could she be? Then I saw a lump in the bed... How the hell did she do that? All on her own! We sure do have a strange cat. :)"


hikebikekayak said...

Oh how cute! I miss having a cat around.

rachel said...

my kitty does that too, but only when she's staying at my parents'. when i go away for a long period of time rather than putting her in a kennel, i keep her in my childhood bedroom out in the burbs... she spends the entire time as a lump under my bedspread!