Friday, April 11, 2008

Random Thoughts

I just noticed that the maternity pants I'm wearing today have belt loops. I guess it's because belts hold up your pants (duh), but I was thinking of a belt more as a fashion accessory and wondering who the heck would tuck a shirt into maternity pants and put on a belt. Another question that begs asking is what woman would actually have a belt that would fit around her expanding pregnant belly? I'm beyond being able to ransack my husband's closet (I was nearly beyond it before pregnancy).

Last night I thought I got poison ivy. I was sitting at the dinner table when all of the sudden my ankles started to itch like mad. I has been walking around the yard with shoes but no socks, so I was worried I had walked though poison ivy. Turns out I have 4-5 mosquito bites on each ankle--better than having poison ivy, but still not good. Nothing's blooming yet, but already the man-eating mosquitoes have emerged from the swamp. It's going to be a long spring/summer! Of course being pregnant I'm not supposed to use DEET at all. Instead I'll be dousing myself with white vinegar (which actually works pretty well)--hope D doesn't mind that his wife smells like Easter Eggs!

My 6th nephew was born today. My brother-in-law sent some great pictures including one where the doctor is holding up the baby probably just after clamping the cord. He looks like such a big baby (my nephew, not the doctor). In some of the other pictures LAV (the baby's initials) is wearing the hat I knitted for him. I'd post, but they all show his face and I'm not sure his parents want their newborn out on the internet. I'll see if they can get a picture of the back of his head wearing the hat.

Yesterday afternoon the temperature was in the 70s but tomorrow afternoon it's only supposed to be in the low 40s. I just love the New England weather. Why couldn't it have been 70 on a Saturday or Sunday?

D fired up the grill last night for some of our favorite steak tips. Grilling season means my cholesterol will be going up since we'll start eating burgers, sausage, and steak again. I guess the good news is that grilling season coincides with fresh local produce season...maybe the amount of produce I eat will cancel out the amount of beef and pork? Maybe I'd better stock the freezer with grillable seafood (now if I remember to take it out to thaw it will be a miracle).

Next Tuesday I'm going to the Museum of Science with my nephews Tim and Matt. I'm excited to see the "How Your Life Began" exhibit about conception, pregnancy, and childbirth. May have to get a picture of my pregnant sister and me somewhere in the exhibit. I think my older nephew (5 1/2) will be really interested in the exhibit--he's very curious about how the baby is going to come out of his mommy. Of course, he'll be much more excited about the lizard exhibit!


hikebikekayak said...

My theory on the belt loops is to help you hoist up the pants. Really, this far along, I don't know what i'd do without those belt loops to help me pull up my pants. :) Moo-moos are sounding REALLY good right about now!

Laura said...

Who needs belt loops to hold up the maternity pants when you can get these:

Too funny! I can't imagine wearing these suspenders---and they would probably pull my bra down instead of pulling my pants up!