Monday, April 28, 2008

My belly--19 weeks

Today D and I went for our 2nd ultrasound. This time it was a Level II ultrasound which means that they take much more time and really study each of the baby's parts including the heart, kidneys, hands, feet, legs, arms, and brain. They also take measurements of the head circumference, femur, and cerebellum. Based on all of this, they confirmed what they thought based on my first ultrasound--I am actually 19 weeks pregnant when we thought I was 17 weeks. So, instead of having a due date around October 2, 2008, it will be more like September 20, 2008. So, I'm just about halfway through my pregnancy! Also, the baby looks perfectly healthy and has a nice strong heartbeat of 150 beats per minute.

As of my OB visit last Thursday, I had only gained 1lb overall, but I gained 5lbs between my March appointment and my April appointment due to the end of my morning sickness. D and I measured my waist circumference this weekend and it's 39 1/4 inches. I wonder what it will be right before I deliver!!! (Keep in mind when looking at the picture at the top of this post that I have a 40DDD chest, which is why my belly doesn't look very big).

Speaking of delivery, this past weekend we went to visit our newest nephew who made his arrival on April 11th. LAV (his initials) acted like a perfect baby and slept almost the entire day when we were there. Of course, he kept his mother up most of the previous night, and while we were visiting he had someone holding him the entire time (I didn't want to let him go). His older brother BZV (initials again) is 2 and was very funny. He loves his new brother, but wishes that he knew how to talk already!

Since LAV's parents are moving at the end of June (my brother-in-law has a 2 year surgical fellowship in Virginia), they dug up some plants from their garden for us. So, on Sunday I planted some of their lily of the valley around a little dogwood that came from my parents yard. I also planted one of their peonies (originally from D's grandparent's house), and 2 daylillies. An orange California poppy and a purple coneflower from my sister/brother-in law's garden will get planted as soon as we remove a stump from the perennial garden. I love plants with history! I still have the descendants of a spider plant that I propagated from my friend Wendy's plant 10 years ago, kalanchoes made from cuttings of a plant my friend Clare brought to my apartment 6 years ago, and I rooted some ivy that was in my bridesmaid bouquet from my friend Darci's wedding. My plan is to give Darci some of the ivy for her 1st anniversary.


Hannah said...

How exciting! Thanks so much for sharing!

Marye said...

Wonderful fun! You are just into the very best part of pregnancy I think!Congrats.
Thanks for stopping by the blog.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I am DREADING the scale at my appt and ultrasound next week!! How exciting we're just about due around the same day!


hikebikekayak said...

I remember when my belly was smaller than my boobs. Instead of a 32 DDD they now look like 32 AA. Are you going to keep the sex a surprise for birth? Congrats on being 2 weeks further along! :)