Tuesday, April 8, 2008

winter knitting

I'm finally going to post some photos of the little bit of knitting I've done this winter post Christmas. For most of February and March I felt crappy so I didn't knit much, but I did manage a few things. First, I made a cute and very easy hat for the nephew we're expecting to be born any day now. The pattern is from a booklet I bought about a year and a half ago. It's a very simple roll brim hat worked on circular needles, but it uses self-patterning fair isle sock yarn to make it look like something more difficult.

I used the Sockotta yarn pictured below, and a size 2 needle. Of course I didn't take a good picture of the finished hat, except the one with shadows in it from the top of this post. Hopefully my sister-in-law will send me a picture of her baby wearing the hat.

I'm almost finished with another one of these in the colors of the swatch below. This will be for my sister's baby (due in may) if she has a girl, otherwise it might be for mine. I'm going to make another one of the cream/blue/green/brown hats for my sister as well in case she has a boy.

In addition to this little hat, I also made a sock this winter (just one). I took a toe-up sock class at my local knitting store. Unfortunately I signed up before I knew I was pregnant. The class met for 3 consecutive Thursday evenings, and I was totally beat by the time I got home from work and went to the class. I arrived a little late for the first class and I think that got me off the wrong foot with the teacher. I felt the teacher didn't have a lot of patience for people like me who needed help getting the toe started, learning M1L and M1R, and shaping the heel. If I had known how to knit socks then I wouldn't have taken the class, so of course I needed help with these things. Maybe I was just being overly sensitive. In any case, I had hoped to do my 2 socks simultaneously by working between classes, but the "morning" sickness prevented that. So I have one sock and someday will make the 2nd one!

I have no idea what this yarn is...I'll look in my knitting bag for the label and update the post.

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Anna said...

You'd never know you were a sock knitting novice, that looks gorgeous!